At QuitX, we want to make sure your desire to quit becomes a reality.That’s why our programme is designed by you, for you.Using tried and tested methods,

Your journey to quit won’t be one you have to go alone.

Here’s To A Healthier Lifestyle.
A Healthier You.

01 | Our Revolution, Your Resolution

Quitx, is a one of its kind, app-based tobacco cessation programme developed and curated using Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Nicotine Replacement Therapies. Quitx programme is custom-built for each user, focusing on understanding a user’s journey.

02 |Step up to a healthier lifestyle

Tobacco Dependence is a topic that is often spoken about in terms of the dangers whereas the actual process and support is often neglected. Systematically and scientifically designed, our empathetic approach makes quitting a more positive experience.

03 |Your Quit-Companion

QuitX is constantly available at the palm of your hand. From frequent activities to curb your cravings to breaking down your main goal into smaller and easier to accomplish milestones, QuitX is designed to be at every step of your journey.

We’re here, 

Through your entire journey

Every day, you get closer to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Receive daily reminders and coping mechanisms to help you put tobacco behind you.

QuitX takes you through a unique journey that is crafted keeping your requirements and goals in mind. Boost your morale by winning badges for each milestone achieved!

The Team Behind QuitX

Dr. Vikas Punamiya

Dr. Punamiya is a Pulmanologist who has always strived to help people with respiratory related problems. As one of the founding directors at Advanced Respiratory Interventions & Sleep Evaluation (ARISE) Medical Research Centre, he established improved care in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine. He is also a panellist for Tobacco Harm Reduction organised by USISPF. He worked towards battling tobacco addiction via counselling sessions as well as cessation and harm reduction programmes.

Nilesh Jain

With over 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience, Mr. Nilesh Jain is a strategy advisor and a serial entrepreneur. His contribution to Health & Nutrition, established by the National Institute for transformation of India (NITI Ayog) has created massive waves in the industry. He strongly advocates the role of technology and the impact and applications of innovations in this domain on harm reduction to public health.

Francie Patel

Francie entered the tobacco and tobacco cessation industry as the CEO for a vaping company. Being a health and fitness enthusiast, she knew that creating a solution for tobacco addiction was easier and less daunting than how people usually approached quitting. An entrepreneur by heart, Francie took this up as a challenge putting her keen dedication and resourcefulness, supported by a background in finance, to the creation of QuitX.